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Life Insurance Cover

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance helps give your family financial protection if you pass away within the policy term.
Your family will get a payout of a lump sum, giving you peace of mind that your family will be looked after once you are gone.
In the case that you have a mortgage, it’s also a good idea to consider life insurance to cover your mortgage.
Your life insurance could cover the mortgage monthly payments so your family don’t have to worry about the repayments.
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How does life insurance work?

Life insurance pays out a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness where you are not expected to live for longer that 12 months.
Life insurance is usually a tax free lump sum if set up properly.

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What are the benefits of Life Insurance Cover?

What could a lump sum payout cover?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Any UK resident from 18-85 can apply for Life Insurance.

If you and your partner would like joint cover, you can take out a joint policy.
This pays out one time and wont cover the second partner after the first passes away.
You can also both take out a separate policy. So once one partner gets a pay out, their policy will end but the second persons policy will continue.
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This will depend on your personal circumstances.
Your life Insurance cover amount that your family and loved ones receives should be based on your personal circumstances.
It’s worth considering how much your loved ones might need to pay off a mortgage or keep up with rental repayments, settle any debts and pay for generally living expenses.
Take the time to consider how much money your family and loved ones might need to maintain their standard of living if you pass away.
This might include expenses such as bills, mortgage payments or rental payments, school fees, debts such as credit card or loan repayments.
It’s best to go over this with a protection agent.

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